Full Moon Ceremonial Cacao Meditation Circle - Sunday October13th

September Full Moon Meditation 2.png

Still your mind

open your HEART

connect with your true self

Come join us in sacred circle. Connect and draw upon the potent energies of the full moon and invite the magical spirit of Cacao into your heart. Deepen your connection with your true self, your soul, your spirit - the eternal love and light that resides within you.

Cacao has been used by many native cultures and shamans to connect to the wisdom of the heart. Drinking cacao on the night of a full moon offers us a powerful opportunity to release that which is not in alignment with the heart and to connect to the whispers of its true yearnings. Full moons bring a powerful energy into our lives are a perfect time of the month for release rituals. The light of the full moon offers to us illumination, clarity and focus. It is a time for releasing that which no longer serves us and for focusing our energy in directions that serve us best.

During this circle we will be drinking a serve of ceremonial Guatemalan cacao and embarking on a sacred journey to the heart. The evening will weave full moon blessing, release ritual, pranayama, guided meditation, mantra, flower essences and the healing sounds of the sacred native american medicine drum and crystal singing bowls.

Something truly magical happens when we gather in circle, our collective energy and conscious intentions create a powerful space that facilitate us to move into a state of deep connection to our hearts and divine source. Come and co-create this magic circle with us.

Tickets essential and available below. Please note that ticket sales close 12pm the night beforehand as the cacao needs to be lovingly prepared for the evening.

Where: EarthPoint Energy Centre, 87 Brown Street, East Perth

When: Sunday October 13th 6pm - 9pm


  • Avoid caffeine on the day

  • Eat a light dinner

  • Bring a water bottle

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Bring a journal for self reflection if you wish

  • Please advise me if you are pregnant, have low blood pressure, heart problems or are taking anti-depressant/SSRI/MAOI medication.